About Me

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A Holistic Psychotherapy Practice

I have a holistic psychotherapy practice in Lighthouse Point, Florida where I work with clients to create a space for healing and happiness.

How does it work? In a technical way, I meet with client in person to discuss the stressors in their lives. My clients are special people, and their concerns range from everyday anxiety and depression to addiction and deeper traumas they want to overcome.

As a therapist I encourage clients (individuals and couples) to explore what's interfering with their happiness and learn how to overcome obstacles and improve their lives. I use clinically proven evidenced based interventions along with eastern practices and philosophies.

As you can imagine, my own personal journey influences my work and when we meet, I would be happy to share more of my own healing path with you.

As a clinician, I have been in private practice since 2011. My training includes an LCSW as well as training in EMDR and Ho’oponopono.

I have worked with worked with hundreds of individuals, couples and groups across Florida. I have an adjunct office in the healing arts center at Kula Yoga Shala located at 400 Toney Penna Drive in Jupiter, Florida as well as my main practice located at 2171 NE 44th CT Lighthouse Point, Fl 33064, Florida.

Now with all of that said, therapy and it's effectiveness comes down to a mindset.
Everyone can heal.
Everyone can grow when they are in the right environment with the support they need.

I aim to be that support for my clients. As such, we don't just use traditional therapy models or approaches. I believe that healing comes from within and that you are more powerful than you may realize. My mission is to bring forth that inner strength so you can get on with your life in the best way you know how.

I believe there are no problems too big or too small to be investigated and to learn from. To begin the healing process, please reach out, I would love to explore working together. I can be reached for a free 30-minute consultation at (201) 621-2160 or email me at brentberms@gmail.com.